Insure what matters

We provide innovative insurance solutions
you'll value. Starting with your family.


We already look after 100,000 customers
with typical insurance solutions. But we believe we can do more.

That’s why Berns Brett Masaood have created InsureSouq.
Our mission is to provide you with tailored solutions you’ll value.

We ‘insure what matters’ by
following this winning formula.

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We understand what you value
in your insurance.

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We create tailored solutions
with leading insurers.

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Providing innovative insurance
solutions that you’ll appreciate.

Insure your
family essentials

We learned how families and children were deeply affected by COVID-19 through job loss or loss of a loved one.

That’s why we’ve developed a solution to assist families with tuition fees. We want to help you through difficult times.


Stay current with InsureSouq’s blog

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What's the cost of
raising a family
in the UAE?

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